Tuesday , July 5 2022

Disney remembers the Forky toy due to the danger of asphyxia, establishing the plot of Toy Story 5 with elegance


Image: Disney / Pixar

He History of toys The films have covered almost all the aspects of the life of a game, of being replaced by a space toy superior, that has stolen to a collector of creepy toys, terrified by an evil bear and almost incinerated, and then transmitting your toy knowledge to the next generation. of toys made with garbage, but one thing they never had to deal with is the terror of being remembered. Imagine: sensitive toys that are thrown into a tray with thousands of identical toys, none of which know where they are or why they are there, and before they can trace an exciting getaway, they are all destroyed or sent to a less discriminating toy market. Well, you no longer have to imagine it, because that dark destination is exactly what a real Forky toy will suffer.

As reported by Screen Crush, the Twitter account of Disney Parks announced this week that the company "voluntarily remembers" a Forky cloth toy due to a "manufacturing defect" that apparently could cause a danger for young children ( like Bonnie!). It's good that they have to be remembered, however, we hope the children who belong to them do not know why their beloved Forky plush should disappear. No one should be informed that his toy is sent to death. On the other hand, if these kids are fanatics of Pixar, they are probably very familiar with the tragedy as it is, so they might appreciate the irony of Forky, a character who kept trying to throw himself away.

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