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Fatality reported after a flash of 12 people arrives during the celebration of Independence Day


Up to 12 people were beaten by a ray, four of which did not respond, according to the Emergency Management report. The incident occurred on a beach near Lawshee Plantation, in Georgetown County, South Carolina, at 2:10 p.m. EDT Thursday.

A man has died due to an injury caused by the flash, according to the Emergency Management report. According to News 13, the coroner's office identified him as Ryan Gamble, 44, of Andrews, South Carolina.


In this photo of March 6, 2017, a ray near the Taylor farm, near Lawrence, Kan. Lightning killed nearly 300 Americans in the year, but the dead reached a record low this year. Scientists say less time spent abroad and improved medical treatment have contributed to a decrease in mortality. (AP Photo / Orlin Wagner, archive)

The other two victims who had been transported to a nearby hospital were subject to observation, said Georgetown County Battalion chief David Geney at the news station.

"We were seated in the river waiting for the storm. The jet hit the tree and went through all of them," Joseph Dalzell told ABC 7.

The jet hit a tree by the river, according to Geney. Due to difficult terrain, rainfall and location in a remote area, the crew had made it difficult to reach the group.

The group of people affected was family and friends 9 to 46 years old, one of the victims, Billie Camlin, told ABC 7. When the news organization asked what he had heard, Camlin said: "How a shock through your body. Unscribable. "

The authorities told WMBF news that a group of people were grilling along the river when the lightning hit the tree.

Beginning at 9 o'clock. EDT, Thursday, Tidelands Health officials, where the victims had been admitted, told ABC 4 News that there had been fatality, seven admitted in "fair conditions" and two others in the ER being evaluated.


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