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Giants employs Farhan Zaidi as president of baseball operations


CARLSBAD, San Diego Counti – Farhan Zaidi, who entered the organization's glory and helped build two Dodgers teams that appeared in the series Series, is the new head of the Giants, The Chronicle learned on Tuesday night.

Zaidi, who turns around for 42 weeks, has accepted the Giants offer to run the baseball operations and turned to a poorly played team in the last 2 1/2 season and has an old list, many overprotective contracts and an impoverished farm system.

On Tuesday afternoon, AO's CEO David Forst called Zaidi "an excellent candidate for the job" and cited his long-standing friendly relationship with a team that came out of two world series and was introduced to Bai Area and the National League West.

"I do not know what else you want," Forst said.

Zaidi left A, where he worked as GM's assistant to become GM Dodgers in November 2014. After four years in Los Angeles, Dodgers did not want to stand in the way to gain promotion in another organization.

Even with longtime rival.

"That's the way we do," said Dodgers president for baseball operations Andrew Friedman at GM's meetings at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa. "I feel like we've lost a lot of employees in the past three years, but a lot of it is the result of the success we had. I hope it still happens in a strange way."

The Giants, who dropped GM Bobbi Evans on September 24, asked someone to replace not only Evans, but also the role of Brian Sabean, who since the late nineties was the main decision maker in baseball. Sabean prefers to return to the advisory role and focuses on the skating, its roots.

Executive Director Larry Baer said he wants someone with a background in analytics and scouting, and while Zaidi has a reputation to rely on statistics, Forst said: "This is the last person who has stuck as a personality of analysts."

Zawie holds a Bachelor of Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a PhD in Economics from Cal, but apparently shows much more in the interview with Forst and Billy Beane.

"We initially hired Farhan for his personality, not because of a doctor's doctor or his analysts or anything," Forst said, explaining his comment, adding, "We sat on a couch in Billy's office and enjoyed the hourly conversation we had with him Yes, it helped him to go to the MIT and tried to earn a doctorate from economics, but he will focus on us. When he left the room after the first interview, Billy and I were: "This figure is great. He's that guy. ""

Zaidi joined A before the 2005 season as an assistant for baseball operations, primarily focusing on advanced metrics, but eventually became rounded to the extent that, Forst said, "fit well with scouts and always wanted to get out at matches with guys. "

It is believed that Zaidi will hire GM, and it would not be surprising if Zaidi's former colleague Billi Ovens, director of Oakland's player and GM's assistant, is a candidate.

For 20 years, Ovens has been in A's organization and has been at the leading leadership, amateur and international level, and is also well-versed in analytics. He stayed tight with Zaidi.

"I absolutely think that the name Bill O should be considered at any time when GM opens," Forst said.

Sam Forst was a candidate for a gigantic top job and called the opportunity "flattering", but he said about his role with A, who gave him an extension of last year for four years "I wanted to be here."

Forst said that the gigantic gig is considered one of the best in baseball, given the location, market and resources.

"Absolutely. It's one of the most important organizations in the game," he said. "I'm pretty comfortable to say, sitting across the water watching the stadium, that organization. In addition to the three titles of this decade, it's San Francisco.

"It's a lovely stadium that can sell when they're good. Larry has made an incredible job to put them in a position to be a jewel in the industry."

John Sha is a national baseball writer from San Francisco. Email: [email protected] Tvitter: @ JohnSheaHei

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