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Girata Meta Game Analysis to Pokémon GO


Giratina Form Origin It has come out of the world of distortion and is ready to prove your strength until April 29. If you click on the link in this article, it's likely that you wanted to know how the Form origin was it is made to the current goal and how it is compared to the altered form. Do not worry; You went to the right place to know (and much more).

The best Moveset de Giratina

If you also want to know the the best Moving PvP for Altered shape, you can go with you Dragon's breath or Shadow Claw like fast movements (both of us obtain STAB and are excellent in PvP) + Dragon Claw. If you want to unlock a second load movement, Shadow Sneak gets STAB, and Ancient Power does not do it, but you can get a good ATK and DEF rebound when it is used. Both are mediocre load movements, but decide if you want to risk to go with the oppositions or opt for the STAB option. We do not need to talk about the best game of PvE movements of Giratina-A, since it is not a Pokémon oriented to PvE.

Now we return to Form origin. About her fast movements:

  • Shadow Claw It is your best fast movement (not only for PvP but also for PvE). If you want to use Giratina as a phantom-type attacker (should you), Shadow Claw is your best bet.
  • Dragon Tail It's less than Shadow Claw in PvP. Choose only if you plan to use Giratina-O as a dragon-type attacker for raids and gymnasiums (PvE). Even then there is a strong competition. Rayquaza and the other top-level dragons overcome it because Giratina-O does not have a better drag movement (Outrage / Dragon Pulse) and a higher attack status.

And as for yours freight movements

  • Shadow Ball It is a mandatory obligation to Giratina-O. It is an excellent movement in PvE and also very good in PvP.
  • Is arguable if you have to choose Dragon Pulse or Ominous Wind in PvP as a secondary load movement. The situations in which you would use Ominous Wind over Shadow Ball are when you want to risk climbing ATK and DEF, when you want to dodge your shields or when you do not have enough energy to fire a shadow ball. Dragon Pulse, on the other hand, covers a wider variety of matches and its performance does not depend on the RNG. For PvE, Shadow Ball >> Ominous Wind and Dragon Pulse should only be used if you want to use Giratina-O as a dragon-type attacker (with Dragon Tail).

Giratina as an attacker

This article will only take into account the document Form Origin of Giratina for the PvE analysis and the two forms of the PvP. Giratina-O can be used as a ghostly and dragon-type attacker for raids and gym battles. However, its performance as a phantom type attacker It is significantly better.

The following flow chart will summarize how to use it effectively in the raids:

Flowchart Flowchart Origin Form to use it effectively as an attacker in raids

Therefore, to summarize:

  • Giratina-O shines against The heads of attacks of a psychic type with Psychic-type movements (e.g., Psychic Mewtwo) i The heads of ghost-like attacks with The type of ghost moves. This is mainly due to two reasons: Gengar is a bit fragile, and as a ghost and poison type, super-effective damage is effected both in psychic movements and in ghost types.
  • It is important to mention this in the scenarios where Gengar Beyond Giratina, Giratina occupies the place 2nd Better attacking most of the time. When Giratina is the best option, Gengar usually has a lot of candidates that work best. Thus, Giratina is one coherent option in almost any scenario. In addition, Gengar fades a lot, which usually means that you need a lot of pressure.
  • Like a dragon-type attacker, is overcome the other top-level dragons also due to two reasons: Dragon Pulse is significantly worse than Outrage and Giratal-O attack status is too low to compete with the other dragons.

Examples of psychic and ghostly attacks

The previous graph was made after making many simulations, as always in Pokebattler. Are you curious to see some examples? Below, you can find some. As you can see, against one Level 6 Mewtwo with Psychic, Giratina-OHis performance is excellent, while Gengar is a bit lower and up to four Pokémon have a better estimator and a better overall performance (Gengar has 78 dead to win!).

Girata TTW vs. TDO to the Cew Pocket racket Mewtwo T6

Now, if Mewtwo has Focus Blast instead of that (which Gengar TRIPLE resists), things change. Gengar is now much more reliable than using, fades less times and can shoot more Shadow Ball moves to show off its real offensive power.

Giratina TTW vs. TDO to PC / FB Mewtwo T6 Raid Boss Chart

If you are curious to see how the two Pokémon work against other heads of attacks (with different movements), here is a brief summary recap. Deoxys-D's includes in the mix, but as a background. Due to its low-level offensive power, Gengar does not faint so much and can show his potential a bit more.

Dragon-type attacker

Two aspects halt Giratina's performance as a dragon-type attacker, his dragon-type dragon and his attack state (225). The following graph will be a perfect example to demonstrate it, and we have even included SC / SB Giratina-O to show how different movements provide very different results (both dealing with SE damage against this head):

Girata TTW vs. TDO on the DB / DC Latios Raid Boss database

Altered or origin in PvP?

Here's the big question: how do I use PvP? This question, believe it or not, is not difficult to answer.

Giratina-A It seems better for the lower leagues, but the Master League is where things become exciting and Giratina-O shines What do you choose You decide!


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