Wednesday , June 29 2022

Google Chrome 71 will block ads that are cheating on you by clicking


Google Chrome 71, which will happen in December, will block what it calls "offensive" ads – to those who use deceptive elements to deceive users to click on them, Google said on Monday.

In fact, the new browser will be removed all Ads from sites that mark these types of ads, the company said in a blog post.

Google defines a malicious ad as one that involves misleading behavior – for example, an ad that includes a deceptive "Closure" or "X" button inside it. In a legitimate ad, clicking on such a button would close the ad. A misleadable ad makes the element an element of the ad itself, so it actually triggers the ad by clicking on it. It's a kind of behavior that will trigger Google's nervousness.

The site operators that will find such ads will have 30 days to check their abuse abuse report before Google takes down the hammer and remove all ads from the site, Google said.

Google's move basically acknowledges that the anti-abuse measures it introduced with Google 68 a year ago is not far enough. At that time, Google said that approximately 1 out of 5 receiving feedback reports showed that the user had experienced some type of spam. This week, the company said that roughly half of these unwanted experiences included these abusive ads, justifying failure.

What this means for you: This is certainly a welcome change for all interested web surfers. Some users in any case kill all ads through an advertising blocker – that's why users must be convinced that the ads should only be boring, not completely harmful. Unfortunately, it may be too late to save your ad delivery.

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