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Google gives more prominence to the Pixel night camera feature


The night vision feature of Google that will allow you to get better low light images without using the flash at last is getting some love. When the function was launched for the first time, it was integrated into the camera application, but it was hidden in the "more" section where it was chosen between the modes of the camera.

Google still showed a suggestion for users to try night vision mode in normal camera mode, but it was still harder to get whenever you wanted to do a quick shot.

Google is finally changing that, according to 9to5Google, that it had access to a newer version of the Camera application through a Q filter built by Android. The new camera application puts Night Sight along with other important modes, such as Portrait, Video and normal camera mode.

Night Sight replaces Panorama from the list, which has now changed places with Night Sight in the More section. The new camera application also has enhancements to the Portrait mode's Flash function, which has now been renamed Lighting.

Moving Night Sight and giving more prominence makes a lot of sense, since you are more likely to use the Panorama mode, which most people rarely use. In addition, Night Sight has been an outstanding feature on the latest Pixel phones, so I do not know why it was hidden, to start.

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