Monday , March 8 2021

Gwyneth Paltrow sued Utah for the alleged fall of ski landslide

Gwyneth Paltrow is sued by a Utah man who claims that the Hollywood actress sank as he skied before he was supposedly to flee the scene.

According to the lawsuit filed Tuesday in the Utah state courtroom, Terry Sanderson says Paltrow was out of control of skiing and left him out, leaving him with a brain injury and four ribs broken The alleged incident occurred on February 26, 2016, at a startup at Deer Valley Resort.


A representative of the actress and her Goop website told Fox News on Tuesday: "This demand is completely without merit and we look forward to being vindicated."

Deer Valley Resort spokeswoman Emily Summers told the Associated Press that the resort can not comment on pending legal issues. The complex is also being sued.

Sanderson said at a press conference in Salt Lake City at his lawyer's office that he took almost three years to file a lawsuit because he crawl his feet, he encountered problems with previous lawyers and it was about the inability to work correctly due to concussion.

He said he has been in contact with a lawyer representing Paltrow, but he has never received any compensation or an apology. They have even suggested that it could be sued, Sanderson said.


Sanderson's demand seeks $ 3.1 million in damages, but denies that he asks Paltrow to be a famous and famous celebrity. He called him an unpleasant gesture not to stand or never apologize for what happened.

"I would like to be vindicated," said Sanderson, now 72. "I would like you to explain my truth."

Sanderson's attorneys said Paltrow's lawyers did not deny that he was involved in an accident, but argued that he was guilty, said lawyer Robert Sykes, representing Sanderson.

The events are based on the memory of a known man who was skiing with Sanderson on the day of the shock, Sykes said. Sanderson said he does not remember anything beyond being struck in the back and losing control of his body while on the back with somebody.

The witness, Craig Ramon, said a ski instructor from Deer Valley faced Sanderson when it was thrown into the snow, facing down. He told Ramon that Sanderson had hired Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Sykes said that Paltrow violated the reckless provision of Summit County code skiing, which requires a skier to remain in a crash scene to make sure that the # other skier is taken care of.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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