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How Jimmi Butler stores will affect Sikers' pay limit


Cavs entered the season thinking that they could compete for eight seeds in the east with re-signed Kevin Love and a combination of veterans and hungry young players.

A dozen games in the season, they are 1-11, Love is injured and legitimately look like the worst team in the NBA filled with terrible teams.

Kyle Corver is their most likely trading part, and Sikers was already connected to him. On the podcasts in the past two weeks, WoW and Bryan Windhurst have shown a link and have indicated that the trade will already be done if Cavs were willing to accept two of the sixth-choice in the second round in the draft in 2019.

There will be a huge Corver services market – each team needs more recording – so Cleveland is right not to jump to the first offer he gets. But it's hard to imagine any team that offers the first round, even if it's the first time. The Corver is a great shooter, but it's 37 years old.

This is the place where the collection of the second circle of Sikers is played. They have three: their own and those belonging to Kings and Bulls, two teams are projected to choose the top of the second round. It's an advantage.

The only other NBA team with three other cars in the next version is Havks, who obviously will not make a comeback.

What makes Korver even more attractive for the team that is needed for shooting, such as Sikers, is that he is under contract next season. He made $ 7.5 million next season, but only $ 3.44 million is guaranteed, which means that if he sustains a long-term injury, Sikers can give it up before July 7, 2019 and pay only $ 3.44 million.

Lakers have as much need for Korver as Sikers, but they seem unlikely to trade it because they want to completely clean the stars for the next summer.

We saw last season the influence of Ersan Ilyas and Mark Belinelli on the second unit of the Mixer, and we saw this season that the other unit of the Sixers needed a boost. They just do not have the same depth as a year ago.

Corver is a better shooter than Ilias or Belinelli. He killed 45% of three in the last nine seasons. Insane. Almost a decade of elites, the elite shoots from a distance, which is almost five attempts per game.

If JJ Redick and Corver divided the court, the gap would be great. The defense would suffer, but Sikers will lay the attacking position when they lag behind 10 points from six minutes to the end.

Unfortunately, the best, maybe just a stock action for Sikers is to wait for the Korver market. It does not make sense to exchange the first group for him, and when Cavs comes to this final realization, the domino might fall.

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