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How Mets could leave the Brodie Van Vagenen era with a few cheap pickups and some luck


In a team that has this year's winner Ci Young (and a well-deserved MVP candidate) and real superhero at the top of the rotation, it's pretty miserable to realize that the most fascinating element of the 2019 Mets will be … their general manager.

In engaging CAA Sports Brodie Van Vagenen, Mets escaped the typical backgrounds that usually lead the GM-home instead of surrendering their baseball operations to a man sitting for years on the opposite end of the bargaining table. Van Vagenen introduced a number of Mets players, including Jacob deGrom, Noah Sindergaard, Ioenis Cespedes, Todd Frazier and Jason Vargas. In announcing the contract, Mets CEO Fred Vilpon described Van Vagenen as offering a "high character, a combination of analytics, scouting and development ideas."

The disadvantage of the left was how unusual it is to engage the agent as the general manager of the team. Many of the best game agents were adept (or more) in using numbers to evaluate players' performance, but with a bias to support the market value of their client. But we are still talking about a very different set of experiences from GM's day-to-day tasks, including building rows at major and minor levels, overseeing drafts, and managing huge budgets for consumers for owners who will not always give you what you want when you want.

  • 2018 Result: 77-85, fourth in the NL East
  • Key freelance agents: A.J. Ramos, RP
  • Needs: Catcher, first base, climbing relief

The good news is that Mets' failings in the past two seasons are much more connected with management that failed to spend money productively but with lack of funds. Seven lines wore billboards to open more than $ 150 million in 2017 and 2018. However, much of it ended up being a dead money. Cespedes still hopes to have a few good seasons in it. It was not until 2018 that he was one of those seasons, and his injuries were limited to only 38 games, a difficult break since Mets paid $ 29 million this year. Next year, probably, will not be, and Cespedes is expected to leave for the summer, after several operations on his heel.

Even with a large piece of money coming from books, Mets has very little financial flexibility for a team that comes out of such a bad season. According to the excellent page of Cot's contract, New York is already expected to carry around $ 144 million on the payroll in the next season, with about $ 46 million of that total in terms of projected arbitration awards. Sindergaard and deGrom project to earn about $ 22 million combined through arbitration in 2019, with a gigantic additional increase in sales next year.

This mathematics, in combination with Mets' talent rotation base, is needed in other positions, collective previous uselessness and a columnist of former baseball writers who combined to charge many unfounded trade rumors last season. Van Vagenen said he wants to keep deGrom in Kueens for a long time, adding he expects Mets to "be on every free agent" this winter. In this last statement, you can also read the optimism of the pie-in-the-sky from the new chief man or the sufficiently nebulous message that supposedly does not mean anything; Mets could invite agents of each of the top 100 free agents of this small season, not to sign one, and still claims that they were all on.

If we divide the difference, we can assume that Van Vagenen thinks that Mets can be rejected and become a candidate for 2019. It is not impossible if they can catch a few breaks. DeGrom, which goes from excellent to best players in the league, is good for a greater dominance next season. Also, Zack Vheeler heads a thin inning and announces the best number of his career, and Steven Matz finally begins to realize his potential with the regular 3.38 first half ERA and a strong number of his rejections. In the meantime with Cespedes, six of the currently projected eight players on the start day of Mets are 27 or younger, which is a good sign since younger players are likely to improve.

However, only young people do not guarantee anything. Kevin Plavetsky has set up the numbers to replace the hunter after the annual extravaganza of the Travis d 'Arnaud injury, and the first striker, Dominic Smit, still has to live to a significant perspective he was carrying with him in juveniles. If Mets wants to spend some dollars and oppose it without firing at the core, the upgrade of these two positions can immediately avoid four or five victories on an ice team. The biggest wild card could be a club ball. Mets relievers finished second in main games in the ERA-adapted parks. Bullpen's performances are quite coincidental, Mets can easily be better off only by returning their cast from 2018; Smart, lower costs or two would further encourage such a return. And if you really want to drink some Kool-Aid, take into account that nobody thought many of them would suddenly leave six direct losses annually by 2015 … just for the shocking link of the world series that will happen.

The biggest problem can turn out to be competition. Braves and Phillies have grown up last season as young teams and citizens should have a lot of talent, even if Brice Harper actually fits into green pastures. So, Mets could easily hide over .500 with a few upgrades and better luck … and end with the ending of the fourth in any case.

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