Saturday , August 13 2022

Kendall Jenner & Anvar's Romance Is Ending – Hollivood Life


Well, Anwar Hadid and the short-lived romance of Kendall Jenner did not show how Gigi hoped that HL EXCLUSIVELY learned it! Nevertheless, she did not "give up hope."

Gigi Hadid, 23, tries not to play a big sister card as her brother Anvar, 19, seems to end up with his romance Kendall Jenner, 23. The future of this pair does not look as glorious as it was last observed on the same site on October 9, and Kendall reunited with her former flame Ben Simmons, 22, at his basketball game in Philadelphia on November 1st! "Gigi promised to stay out of things between Kendall and Anwar, she knows she can take care of herself," a source close to Gigi EKSCLUSIVELI shares with HollivoodLife. "But, nevertheless, she is a little disappointed that the romance between them seems cold. Gigi would like to become serious and still have great hope for things to do." Gigi can not be linked to her BFF casual dating approach!

"Gigi is great in relationships, but she knows that everyone does not want to put up with young people like her," continues our source. High fashion model is recorded Zejn Malik, 25, since 2015. They were briefly separated at the beginning of 2018 before continuing their long-term relationships! Regardless, Gigi will maintain the relationship of carpe diem when it comes to the love affair of his brother and best friend. "He tries not to put pressure on them and allow something to happen, to happen," our source says. But the girl can dream!

"She loves them like a couple and she did not give up hope of ending up together," our source reveals. "It seems to be a great thing in the long run." We are also thrown to imagine "What if" such as Kendall and Anvar recorded at the CFDA Awards in June and again at Cipriana party on September 5th! They went to a party on Paris Fashion Week later that month, and Kendall even played a hike in the city of love. The rumors of their fling became even more paramount as they were photographed, in particular, leaving the hotel in Greenwich in New York before striking the birthday party of the other sister Anarva, Bella, from 9 October. We've heard the bugs since then, and Anvar shares disappointing posts in his Instagram Story during apparent drought.

"I wonder if I could be deeply loved as much as I love," he wrote at his Instagram Story on November 5, only four days after a video about Kendall's assemblage with Ben was published. Then he shared a picture of his wrist in another post, who wrote the words "Why are you still in your mind?" Here's how to hope Gigi can console her little brother!

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