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Ladi Gaga, Cher among celebrities evacuated due to Californian fires


Lady Gaga


Ladi Gaga divorced this morning on social media.

The latest in California fires are rapidly rising, and Hill and Voolsei Fire have forced evacuations for many in Los Angeles. From this morning, Hill Fire has grown to 10,000 hectares, and the Vooslei Fire (initially reported as a small fire) has risen to 8,000 hectares in size. These fires are active at the same time as Camp Fire, which originated 180 miles northeast of San Francisco in Rice, California, burning at about 80 acres per minute.

A few hours ago, LACounti Fire PIO said for Twitter that Voolsei Fire was 0%, and the new compulsory evacuations came into force as a result of a fire that jumped 101 Freevai. As the larger area, known for the housing of a large part of the entertainment industry and its stars, is looking for shelter from the fire course, several well-known personalities in the social media have confirmed that they also evacuated their homes.

Lady Gaga

Ladi Gaga has shared a video about her instagram story about her evacuation this morning. In video footage, large clouds of black smoke cover the sky and threatens to visit her property. She writes, from the safety of her vehicle, "Sending my prayer calls to everyone today." In the background of one of the videos, you can hear a woman say "It'll be okay. I promise, okay?"

On Friday night, Lady Gaga came to Twitter to give her feelings about the crisis. She wrote, "I think so deeply for all those who suffer today from these abominable fires and who have regretted the loss of their homes or their loved ones." She further said that she did not know if her home would accomplish this and that "All we can do is to pray together and for each other."


After Cher's tweet yesterday about the shooting of Housand Oaks that took place "5 mins from where we go to films", she confirmed today that her home is Malibu in danger of being destroyed. On Twitter, she complained, "POOR MALIBU MY TO KNOW THE HOME. I DID MY HOUSE ON MY HOUSE, AND MY HEART IS BROUGHT TO THE PPL WHO HAVE LOST ALL."

Like many others who are distant from their homes by waiting for fire and prayer, this will not lead to destruction for them and their families, she later wrote: "I am concerned about my house, but I can not do anything. Burned I can not bear the thought that there is no Malibu. I had a house in Malibu since 1972. "While waiting, she said she was working on" Xmas Swag ", choosing" work on something positive. "

Reporter NBC LA Robert Kovacik saw the video at 10:30 AM in front of the door to the Cherine property. He turns the camera to show viewers that, when the fire jumped on the Pacific Coast Highway, it is dangerous near the home of the singer. The video is zoomed in against the flames that brush the brush just on the other side of the street.

Rainn Wilson

Wilson, best known as the Dvight Shrute Office, he tweeted to his followers that his home was among those who were evacuated due to the rapid spread of the fire in the Thousand Oaks. Although there are many fans Office and his character replied to the tweet with jokes related to the shov, the tweet is terrible in nature, pointing out that the fire represents a threat to the Thousand Oaks, even the day after the shootings at Borderline Bar & Grill. He wrote, "Please send your prayers to the people of Thousand Oaks and the victims of the shootings that have to evacuate their homes and neighbors now."


The town of Calabasas is known as the "home of the Kardashians," and it is regularly displayed on the real show of the family. So when Calabasas issued an evacuation of the Voolsei Fire attack, fans of famous sisters used social media to provide prayer and make sure they were fine.

After watching the movement of fire from the safety of a private jet, Kim Kardashian landed at her house Calabasas, according to her Instagram story, "1 hour to pack and evacuate." While evacuating, she included video footage of firefighters and police coming to that area. Kim's older sister, Kourtnei, also used her Instagram story to allow followers to know that she had evacuated her family. Together with the photograph of her packed hull, she wrote: "I pray that everyone is safe and protected from these fires. No Calabasas tonight."

Khloe, allegedly, did not leave the house, but she believed she was safe with her brother, Rob and her baby, True. She also thanked "all brave firemen who risk our lives."

From that post, Khloe is tweeting about her nervousness while the fire continues to rage. He also reports about the fire, and uses the social media application to search for evacuation news.

Alissa Milano

Last night Milan told her followers Twitter that she, her children and her dogs evacuated her home because of her location on the way to the fire. She shared that her husband was safe in New York, and her trainers were sure of the horses she owned. She highlighted the stressful time for her and her family, saying she had evacuated her "Doc Marten Boots."

On Friday afternoon, Milano updated its Twitter with an urgent post, asking "If someone gets 5 horses from the fire, please help me." Friends replied, suggesting that they sprinkled their phone number on the horses and let them go, but Milan once again an hour ago informed them that "The horses are finally safe. My children are safe. My home is in danger, but … all with the heart is safe. "She also reacted to some cruel comments from people who disagreed with her political views and wished the ill to Milan and her home, saying:" Those who insisted on it continue to be harmful because our political affiliation is different, you are what is wrong with the earth. "

Iggy Azalea

The singer, who apparently lives in the canyon of Kalabasas, tweeted that she was "really worried about [her] a house that is burning. "She could not go back to her house to take over personal belongings, she was waiting to see what kind of personal fire impact she would have on her.

Caitlin Jenner

Today TMZ reported that Caitlin Jenner Malibu's house was among those who destroyed Voolsei Fire. From that report, Jenner and her girlfriend, Sofia Hutchins, published a video convincing fans that they and their dogs "are in the fire zone" in a safe house. In a video, Jenner says: "I do not know if a house has created it or not, it's still in the air." Hutchins contributes "We have vodka. It was a hell of a morning. But we're sure, that's all that matters."

Vill Smith and his family

Earlier today, Vill Smith began to share a video of his Instagram story about the position of the fire in relation to his house. Initially, he told his followers that his house "was probably about 8 miles away from it," although they were not told to evacuate, Villov was obviously nervous and asked him to go outside and watch the high-point smoke in his property.

Seven hours later, he was re-checked from the same point and enlarged to show viewers that he could see the flames for the first time. Although their home was still not in the evacuation zone at that time, he said, "I do not like it, so we will go."

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