Saturday , October 1 2022

Miley Cyrus denies the rumor of pregnancy with viral Meme


Miley Cyrus


Miley CyrusHe lowered like a ball of wreck in rumors that he was pregnant.

The singer took Twitter to say goodbye to the speculation surrounding a possible pregnancy. "I am not" Egg-xpecting "but it is" Egg-warm "to listen to everyone who is" Happy for us "… We are happy for us too," Egg said "for this next episode of our lives ", the star joked with a picture of his" baby's womb ", which was covered with the meme.

Now that the musician has had the latest laugh, he told people "everybody leaves me alone and looks at an egg again."

The newly-born star unleashed rumors that she was pregnant when it was detected in Miami with what some television prisoners supposed was a child's shock.

Her husband Liam Hemsworth He has not yet commented on his plans to start a family.

Both he and Miley have been busy celebrating their December wedding, as well as their recent 29th birthday.

Miley shared the sincere message he wrote to the Australian in Instagram, who unleashed the heart of everyone who read it. In the long list of his "favorite things about my favorite companion," the singer of "Malibu" took advantage of many features and things that he did to Liam, such as "The way it comes out when I ask myself" how is time "Instead of checking the phone … The look of your face when you receive good news and how you look at the bad news."

She continued: "I love that you always try things in your own way, but never [too] Proud to ask for help (yes, I have noticed and noted, I am a job in progress). "

These are just some of the reasons why Miley made it official and hit the actor in a surprise ceremony. Well, it was not a surprise for anyone who knew him or Liam, but it was a shock to the world when everyone woke up in the morning of Christmas Night to know that the couple were probably married. They did not make the official announcement until two days later, when the Hannah Montana The star shared the first photo of her and he as husband and wife. "10 years later," the singer subtitled the romantic photo in black and white.

The newlyweds spent the New Year's Eve with the Hemsworth clan in what seemed to be Montana. Chris Hemsworthwife, Elsa PatakyHe shared a photo of the group posing in front of a rustic fireplace.

Otherwise, Miley and Liam have been buzzing about their life as a couple. The only thing that has changed about her relationship is that now the other "husband and wife" are called, which Miley seems to be very encouraged. "I love having a toothbrush companion" and when I'm lazy how to comb your hair, I even love when I reduce my favorite t-shirt to the dryer, because having a boyfriend (oh I almost forgot you now it's my friggen husband) that the laundry is almost the best that ever, "the singer wrote in his letter of love / birthday.

Miley has the best of both worlds.

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