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Night King 'Game of Thrones', selfies actor free of makeup without fans


[SPOILER ALERT: This article mentions a key scene from Season 8, Episode 3 of “Game of Thrones”]

Under the blue-frosted eyes and the crown crowns of the famous character of "Thrones game" called "The King at night," is the veteran actor and doblista Vladimir Furdik.


And before being assassinated by Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) on Sunday's episode, Furdik, 48, who portrayed the creepy character of season 6 of the HBO series, acted in others roles of the series.

For example, he played the first White Walker Jon Snow (Kit Harington) ever dead, told Entertainment Weekly in March. Before that, the actor said that he did "many falls of horses, falls of fire, high falls, sword fights. I duplicated by Arthur Dayne [for the Tower of Joy fight scene]. I am one of the men who jump from the ship to the fire [during Daenerys’ dragon attack]. "

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"I do not really know why they threw me," said Furdik, who is originally from Slovakia. "When we did season 5, I was the white walker who fought against Jon Snow [in “Hardhome”] – The first time Jon Snow killed a white cameraman, I was myself. After that, [showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss] he asked me if he would play the King at night for the seasons from 6 to 8. I never asked why. Maybe they were happy with what I did in season 5. "

While fans of "Game of Thrones" were excited by Arya's epic retreat from an invincible invincible Knight King, others were disappointed to see him, and his story fell so sharply. Furdik joked in an Instagram post on Tuesday that Arya "killed [him] with a smile ".

A photo of the couple who put together received about 50,000 people in only eight hours. The fans flooded the comment section of Furdik, expressing his disapproval of his disappearance.

"Gonna miss the Night King," a fan commented.

"I hope you come back," another wrote.

"NK can not be defeated so easy. In the next episodes, I want you to show something like the NK plan still lives, even if it is dead. Something," suggested a third party.

On Monday, followers began to go to Google to find information about the man behind the mask. Searches for "Who touched the King at night" Monday morning, directing fans to stories and interviews with Furdik. His page on Instagram has already accumulated 34,000 followers and includes several photos behind the scenes.

Hundreds of Instagram users have been commenting on Furdik's publications since Sunday's blood battle of Winterfell. Many expressed their surprise by their drastically different appearance, admitting that it was not exactly what they imagined.

"The king at night, it seems that Owen Hunt haha," a user wrote, referring to the protagonist of "Gray's Anatomy" Kevin McKidd.

"Handsom fellow", another coincided.

"The king at night is beautiful," a fan wrote about one of Furdik's photos.

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