Monday , May 10 2021

Nintendo ROM site owner pays $ 12 million for pirated games | News and opinions

According to a court order, a man from Arizona and his wife Nintendo will pay a huge sum for offering free Nintendo games that can be downloaded via and

Arizona man agreed to pay Nintendo $ 12 million for pirated games on two ROM sites, according to court documents.

Jacob Mathias and his wife will pay a huge sum for offering thousands of free Nintendo games that can be downloaded via and, according to the settlement, first spotted by TorrentFreak.

In July, Nintendo sued Mathias, arguing that he managed both locations and made profit from the piracy. According to Nintendo, LoveROM itself had about 17 million monthly visitors and earned revenue through online advertising and donations.

However, after the lawsuit, both locations effectively decreased. They now include an apology with Nintendo apology. " / admits that Nintendo, its partners and customers have been harmed, "it says before recommending visitors to go to to buy official copies of games from the company.

So far, Nintendo has not commented on the case. But the settlement will serve as a warning to other pirates in the game. In August, another ROM provider, EmuParadise, also unleashed a plug-in for nintendo games, fearful of the legal actions of the Japanese video game maker.

How will Mathias pay $ 12 million? PCMag contributed it, but refused to comment. According to court documents, Mathias and his wife admit they have broken Nintendo's trademarks and protected games and have agreed to never do it again.

At the time Nintendo sued Mathias, the company asked to pay $ 150,000 for each pirate game, and another $ 2 million for the violation of each Nintendo trademark.

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