Monday , September 26 2022

"Planning" of the Redeploy glider coming to Fortnite in v.720


Epic Games announced that Glider Redeploy would return to Fortnite as an element in v7.20.

On January 14, it was revealed that Glider Redeploy would return to Fortnite, but in a different way than before.

The glider redirection will now be "detailed", which means that a glider will now have an inventory slot and use "charges".

Once all charges are being used, the Plug-in Redirector element will be completed.

Players will be able to find the item Plan Redeploy on land loot, coffers, vending machines and supply Flames.

You can see the full ad from Epic Games below.

People Heya,
Once again we will try to re-deploy the glider. There was a very divided response on the mechanic who revealed some positive aspects as well as some negatives. We've removed the default mode mechanism, but we believe that an alternative implementation will help to solve some of these negative ones and best adapt to our goals. The goal with this topic is to provide mobility and utility, but in a way that can be balanced and iterated. By implementing the deployment scheduler as an element, we can iterate at several different levels (that is, the redistribution height, the speed of the movement, the fall of the fall, the count of charges), including the voltage of the inventory space. A brief description on how to Redirect Glider will work at v7.20:

  • The Gliders element will occupy an inventory space and can be found from normal booty sources.
  • Activate the redirect slider as you normally do, you do not have to select the item.
    • Each deployment will eliminate a charge, when all charges are used, the item disappears.
    • The use of launch pads, Rifts-to-Go and LTM springs do not consume any charge, as they put you in Skydiving mode.
  • The new product of redirection of gliders can be found in loot, chests, vending machines and flames of supply.

What happens with the rise of 50 or other large computer forms?

When you leave the Battle Bus, you will be automatically assigned a Planet element with 50 charges. (This is considered to be put in parachuting mode, which will not consume any charge on the glider element).

We will be seeing the article closely and adjusting it if necessary, so be proud of your discussion and comments! "

More to come.

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