Tuesday , June 22 2021

See Xbox Ks018 Livestream Here: Crackdovn 3, Devil Mai Cri 5, PUBG, and is expected to appear

Microsoft's Ks018 event starts today, November 10, at 1 pm PT / 4 PM ET / 9 PM GMT / 8 AM November 11 AEDT. It is held in Mexico City, but those who are not able to attend the event will be able to see what the company has planned for Xbox One and PC here through the magic of video streaming. Opening Inside Xbox 360 will also be hosted on YouTube (below), Tvitch and Miker, and is expected to last about two hours.

Although we do not know exactly what will be shown, the platform carrier She gave us a few teas of what to expect. First up, a tweet confirmed that there will be "great news" for BattleUnlike PlaierUnknovn, Shadov of the Tomb Raider The Forge expansion will appear and a new update for State of Decai 2 will also be shown. In addition, it will be "more exclusive looking" in the upcoming titles .

As you can tell in the above IouTube, Ks018 will probably give us more information about Crackdovn 3, Devil Mai Cri 5, Kingdom Hearts 3, Sea of ​​Thieves, Minecraft, Just Cause 4 and id @ Ksbok. In addition, the Xbox Game Pass service will undoubtedly get a little time in the spotlight. The service allows subscribers to access the Xbox 360 and Xbox One games library that can be downloaded and played at no extra cost as long as they are members.

Microsoft has revealed its plans to extend Game Pass to PC. Executive Director Satya Nadella reportedly mentioned this during a pay call, stating that this move will help boost the strength of the Xbox brand. So far, the time frame for when the Game Pass will be on the PC is not confirmed.

Ks018 is a "global celebration of all Xboxes" and the latest in an aggressive marketing campaign launched by Microsoft this year. Recently, he presented a new payment plan for the Xbox console called Xbox All Access, which offers current hardware at affordable prices. He also recently discovered more its streaming plans, confirming that the kCloud project is scheduled for 2019 testing.

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