Saturday , August 13 2022

SpaceX revenue inflection point for the second flight of Falcon Heavy: Banker


Falcon Heavy stands as the most powerful rocket in the world, with 27 engines creating 5.1 million pound freights: equivalent to about 18 Boeing 747 combined airplanes. Even so, the taste of all the rockets remained, however, the question of whether Falcon Heavy would be successful both in winning contracts and in launching valuable useful loads. Falcon Heavy was released in 2011 and, after development delays, Kim said "critics were thinking:" When will revenue be generated? "

The inaugural launch did not lead to a paying client, but instead launched the car of the CEO of Expox Elon Musk in orbit around the sun. The demonstration flight was sufficient because few clients signed up. Over the past year, the Falcon Heavy manifesto grew to five missions hired. Two of these launch contracts came from the Air Force, showing the key support of a client with possible higher rocket standards in the world.

Thus, until the launch of Falcon Heavy on Thursday, the Musk company had not yet received the money paid for the rocket. Kim thinks, above all, the second flight of Falcon Heavy.

"The creation of revenue is so important because it confirms that there are buyers," Kim said.

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