Monday , August 8 2022

Tesla is starting to deliver the updated Model X to customers


Tesla delivered its redesigned Tesla Model S interior in early 2021, and now Model X buyers are finally getting the turn. Electrek and Sunnyvaletree, a member of the TMC forum, reports that Tesla has began to deliver the revised Model X for customers, holding at least one event on the occasion of the occasion. As can be assumed, this effectively drags the electric crossover into the modern era with a widescreen touch screen upwards, a smaller screen at the rear and overall interior quality improvements that correspond more to a vehicle of around 94,000 dollars.

The EV vehicles for the event were six-seater, although it’s unclear if this is the only configuration to be sent first. There appear to be Model X plate units driving near Tesla’s Fremont factory.

Deliveries are good news for buyers who have wanted the space and luxury of the Model X above the “frugal” Model Y. However, they also underscore the effect of chip shortages on Tesla production. . In addition to the late arrivals of the first to be adopted, new buyers will face very long delays. Apply for a Plaid Model X from this writing and you will have to wait until July 2022; spring for the lower cost Long Range variant and you will wait until September 2022. It could be a long time before you buy the current design of the Model X and wait for it to be received in a timely manner.

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