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The codes of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate of the Piranha plant expire today


Before Joker and Hero and Banjo-Kazooie, there was Piranha Plant, the first official DLC character of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This bad prickle of Mario games was and is still available to anyone who has registered their game copy in late January, but if you have not yet reached the fighter, you do not have much more time to do it. These codes that players received to register their games will expire on June 30, which means that today is the last day to add the Piranha plant to your list.

The fighter went on sale on January 29 a day before closing the registration at the Piranha plant, so it is likely that most people who were interested in getting the character already have it. Because the codes were sent to the players because they will change instead of the character being automatically added to the game, there are many possibilities that many people would not feel inclined to change the code at that time. The codes expire on Sunday at 23:59. However, according to the Nintendo FAQ's page of the promotion, now is the time to do so if you have not.

If you have not exchanged your Piranha plant, you want to check your email connected to your Nintendo account if you are looking for the code. Nintendo has buried the job when choosing the subject of the email in question, so you should be forgiven if you have passed through without knowing what it was. The subject line is "Thanks for your purchase Super Smash Bros. Ultimate"It does not sound as if I had a code for a DLC wrestler, but that's where it is.

After obtaining the code, you just have to go to the Nintendo eShop store, where there is the option to change it and you will have Piranha Plant in your game. If for any reason your Nintendo Switch is not accessible right now and it will not be until the offer expired, you can always redeem your code by logging into the Nintendo site and by visiting the code redemption page.

Even if you have not had much interest in playing Piranha's plant, it's worth downloading it just because you'll have another fighter on your list. Who knows, maybe Nintendo will weaken the plant in the future and will you have a fighter to your liking? Do not adjust too much, because it is possible that you should offer a break in the Piranha plant to try the following new fighters when they will eventually add Hero from Dragon Quest and Banjo-Kazooie.


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