Thursday , October 28 2021

The father and son of Alaska sentenced to have killed a bear and their called puppies


Andrew Renner, 41, will spend three months in jail, will pay a fine of $ 9,000, will lose his boat, truck, firearms and poaching equipment – and will lose his hunting privileges for 10 years, according to a press release from the state of Alaska. His son, Owen Renner, 18, was sentenced to probation and community service and a security course for hunters will be required, according to the extract obtained by CNN. His hunting license has also been suspended for two years.

The Renners were out of ski on April 14 when they approached the bears' jail, Alaska Wildlife Troopers said in a statement last August.

Owen Renner shot twice on the adult while sleeping in his queue, the soldiers said. Then Andrew Renner killed the children "screaming", leaving their bodies out of the queue, the soldiers said. The Renners massacred the adult man and returned two days later to get rid of the bodies of the cats and pick up shells, according to the soldiers.

What the two men did not know was that their actions were trapped on the tape. The bears were being monitored by a motion-activated camera as part of a study by the US Forest Service and the Alaska Department of Fisheries and Game.

The court documents say that Andrew Renner is captured on video, saying "it does not matter."

The men also pulled out the Adult Trace Necklace, soldiers said.

"They will never be able to link us," said Owen Renner, according to the court records.

Two weeks later, Andrew Renner took the leather and neck of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, saying he had not seen the puppies and did not know he was a bear. nursing, soldiers said.

In Alaska, it is illegal to shoot black bears with puppies. Both men will have to pay a refund of $ 1,800, which establishes the statute for killing black bears, says the state of news.

"The accused, and any other person who pursues the game in our state, should notice that killing a plant with puppies and then stealing the puppies to cover it, will result in a significant jail term and the Loss of hunting privileges, "Assistant General Prosecutor Aaron Peterson said in a statement.

"People should know that the hunters will be forced to pay large fines and restore the illegal murder of the animals and that the vehicles, boats, planes and instrumentalities used in wildlife crimes will be lost."

Prosecutors say Andrew and Owen Renner have been sentenced to eight charges and four charges respectively, including the illicit murder of the bears and the illicit possession of the bears.

Keith Allen of CNN, Ursula Perano and Amanda Watts contributed to this report.

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