Monday , October 18 2021

"This was God at work," says the man who rescued Casey Hathaway in the forests of N. Carolina


CRAVEN COUNTY, North Carolina –

Casey Hathaway, three years old, got entangled in the vegetation and asked his mother when EMS captain Shane Grier and another savior found him in the forest Thursday.

"Right away, at that moment, he pulled him out because the conditions were very cold, he pulled him out to warm him up," Grier said Friday, feeling emotional when he remembered seeing Casey. "It was more sensible when we went further".

Grier said they followed a word about a voice in the woods. Grier pulled Casey out of the vegetation and other lifeguards came in to help guide the boy to safety.

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There was enough vegetation to keep it in place, said Grier.

Casey had spent more than two days on his own, at some point in these temperatures. He was found a quarter of a mile from Craven County's house of his grandmother. It was here that it was reported that it was missing Tuesday afternoon after two children with whom he played did not enter without him.

Grier admits that he was afraid that Casey could not survive much more for himself in rugged terrain and cold temperatures.

He felt relieved when he saw the boy.
"He went through very bad conditions, with time," Grier said. "We had a lot of rain, everything was wet, everything was wet, it was not a good situation for anyone, even a trained professional would have difficulties for this environment."

Casey's aunt, Breanna Hathaway, said that "when we received news last night that Casey was found, I took her little sister and she said:" Aunt Bre, Jesus helped us find Casey ".

The family friend, Heather Garris, said that Casey has some brushes and that the hands and feet are swollen, but that will be fine.

"It is a really overwhelming feeling that is back and is alive," said Garris. "I know that this really surprised the whole community: it is an opener, definitely for a miracle, believer in miracles because I have seen now that they really pass."

The community rejoices that Casey was sure.

On Friday evening, a celebration was held at the center of New Haven church activities.

"The food was given. Different business quitting smoking and telling us we help. We want to do something," said the assistant of pastor Jonathan Ipock.

The prayers and songs rose in gratitude and praised Casey's safe return. I was recovering at a New Bern hospital.

"We were watching news about social media and Casey saw his image and said:" Aunt Bre, I am! "I said:" Casey, all these people were looking for you and trying to find you. "And he goes," said Breanna Hathaway.

Grier said the community was meeting to find Hathaway and pray for him. He said he believed that a higher power came in.

"Someone took care of it," Grier said. "This was God at work."

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