Friday , March 5 2021

Vortex Polar 2019: The McLean Police Department in Illinois "arrested" Elsa from the "Frozen" Disney movie to bring cold temperatures to the Midwest

Why a polar vortex is oriented to the midwest

Let her go! A Illinois police department has placed Elsa – Queen Arendell of the Disney movie "Frozen" – under arrest Tuesday to bring cold cold temperatures in the middle west. For the first time ever, Elsa is being punished for her crimes.

The McLean Police Department shared the arrest on his Facebook page, writing: "Due to the weather FREEDOM, it has canceled all criminal activity and acts of stupidity and nonsense … Even Elsa has been arrested without a contract until another notice. "

An officer even used pink spouses.

The cold can not bother Elsa, but it is definitely bothering everyone else.

Record-breaking temperatures sweep a broad strip of the USA on Wednesday due to a Polar vortex. Chicago It is expected to be cooler than the Mount Everest base camp, with temperatures that are expected to drop 21 degrees below zero. This will feel like 48 under zero with the windchill. It is likely to be one of the coldest days recorded.

Pack up!

Registration basses go down the Midwest

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