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Why are girls leaving Meghan Markle so fast?


Working for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sounds like the last ideal work for everyone. After all, whoever does not want to receive payment to interact with one of the most famous couples around the world, spend a large part of their time in one of the most luxurious residences in England and, above all, take care of one amazingly beautiful baby

We would think that who would have been lucky enough to get rid of the role of the babysitter Archie Harrison would be here to stay.

However, this is not exactly the way it has been happening. Little Archie can only have two months of antiquity, but there is more of a nanny that has come. We knew, from the first days of Meghan, that it was really hard to work. It is known that the duchess is demanding, sending emails and asking his staff firmly at about five in the morning.

Maybe it seems that things might be completely different for Archie's nanny and maybe Meghan would have given this person a little more freedom to take care of the baby and do the work. So why do Meghan's babies leave so fast?

Meghan Markle
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Karwai Tang / Getty Images

Doria Ragland was the first child of Archie

Who better should take care of a new baby than her own grandmother? Even before Archie was born, she speculated that Meghan's mother, Doria would leave California and go to Frogmore Cottage with her daughter and her real son-in-law to take care of the baby.

The fans were very enthusiastic, since it is well known that Meghan and her mother are very close, as well as not having another family in England. According to Good Morning America, while Doria spent some time in the United Kingdom when Archie arrived, she has since returned to Los Angeles.

The first nanny is abandoned

When the baby Archie was born on May 6, the duke and duchess of Sussex seem to be on the moon. Harry spoke to journalists just hours after birth and, although he admitted that he did not sleep, he could not help smiling and described his new son as "dying."

It seemed that it was good for new parents, except that, according to Popculture, her nanny left her position when Archie was only two weeks old, because Meghan was very controlling and did not allow anyone, Not even to the babysitter, to be alone with the baby.

A second nanny is hired and soon she leaves

We all know that sometimes things do not work as planned. Normally, when a new contractor decides that a job is not for them, it replaces and everything is okay. However, Meghan and Harry lost a second nanny in just six weeks, according to International Business Times.

The website claims that a new babysitter will be very necessary during the next African tour of Duke and Duchess and that the decision to hire is huge. As expected, Meghan and Harry are taking the whole situation seriously, as they have to make sure they hire the right person for the job.

Why do nannies leave so fast?

Although many fans believe that Meghan and Harry are very hard to work, MSN reports that Meghan and Harry have specific ideas about how to pose to Archie and have different needs at different times. The loss of babysitters seems to be an expected part of the process of finding the right person.

For her third nanny, Meghan supposedly uses the help of a recruitment agency. According to Fox News, the new American babysitter will have to sign a broad non-disclosure agreement to prevent spillage of royal family secrets, which do not have a permanent base at Frogmore Cottage or need to work on weekends and, basically, be a member of Sussex. family

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