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105 employees have been closed for drug trafficking | On the street

Photo: Archives

Photo: Archives

Dadniuska Aristigueta

The The General Prosecutor, appointed by the ANC, Tarek Villiam Saab, announced on Thursday at a press conference that they have been opened since August 2017 64 investigations for 105 officials from different security organs because they are involved in drug trafficking.

Of this number, 65 were indicted by the public ministry, 12 of which have already been convicted, while the remaining 40 are waiting for a presentation in the court of the final act.

The prosecutor highlighted a case in which four police officers from Zulia and five from Polisura were arrested. after checking his responsibility in a luxury 96-car marijuana. The fact was registered on October 29th.

He also pointed out that in the past 15 months 696 vehicles were used for transportation of drugs, of which 346 for private use, 299 motorcycles, 107 trucks, 10 buses and 4 machines.

"This is a crusade without a quarter, against all forms of drug trafficking, unlike the previous prosecutor who was an accomplice (…) we will not have the grace or mercy of these crimes," he said.

Saab noted that on November 9, a bus with 176 pieces of cocaine was seized, which were hidden in the walls of the vehicle. Due to this fact, two men were arrested, one of whom was retired military officer.

As a result of this attack, two more buses were kept in narcotic substances in Cumana, the state of Sucre, in which a total of 324 pieces of cocaine weighing 323 kilograms were transported.

The head of the public ministry said that most of these seizures were performed by an official person Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) at various checkpoints in the national territory. Other procedures were carried out with the intelligence work of the PNB and the CICPC under the supervision of the supervisory authority.

The prosecutor said that the fight against drug trafficking is at risk of breaking up networks and drug cartels. "He pointed out that the numbers of the fight against narcotics trafficking presented by the Ministry of Public Opinion have resumed the dirty propaganda that is being conducted against Venezuela from laboratories in countries where there are drug problems, such as Colombia and the United States."


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