Thursday , July 7 2022

4 Venezuelan baseball players have been awarded the Silver Bate 2018 News


A total of four Venezuelan baseball players they got a reward Silver pistol it brings Major League Baseball from the USA (MLB) in recognition the best hitters on every position of the US and national league.

The winners were Salvador Perez (Roials of Kansas City) i Jose Altuve (Houston Astros) for the American League and David Peralta (Arizona Diamondbacks) and German Markuez (Colorado Rockies) for the National League.

Four Venetians were among the ten Latinos who won the prize. In addition to them, the numbers of Cuba's Hosea Abreu (Vhite Sok of Chicago), Dominican Jose Ramirez (Indians Cleveland) appear.

Coaches and League leaders of the Major League each season vote for the best production players in young and old circles, according to their consideration. Voting is based on a combination of offensive statistics including average, percentage on the base and slugging.

They also take into account their general estimates of the offensive value of the players. Pilots and trainers can not vote for members of their teams.

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