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a couple with a lost pet, a man without medicine, a slip injury


The cold snap is testing human and technical resources of public institutions and private resources. The Civil Guard has carried out various emergency interventions to prevent tragedies in the person of individuals or groups with the possibility of being too long exposed to such low temperatures as those that are being recorded. The typology is very diverse: isolated people who have to take medication, lost couples accompanied by a pet lost in the mountains or the evacuation of an injured person as a result of an ice slip.

Air and high mountain means of the Civil Guard, evacuating a person on a stretcher in a rescue

Air and high mountain means of the Civil Guard, evacuating a person on a stretcher in a rescue

Civil Guard

Some of these demonstrations of the expertise of these rescue teams (aerial means and mountain intervention specialists) have been carried out in various parts of the country. In the video that accompanies these lines, you can see images taken by the armed institute itself in services carried out in both Castile and Extremadura.

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Civil Protection forces have evacuated this Sunday morning six people who had been trapped in the Mas de l'Arlequí de Rojals, in Montblanc

A 64-year-old man with significant mobility and diabetic problems needed urgent medication after being trapped on his farm since the past 8 days. The rescue took place in a place known as Valtravieso, near the municipality of Navalucillos, province of Toledo.

In the municipality of Hervás, in the province of Cáceres, a hiker who suffered a fall was rescued by these teams. The woman was in a place completely inaccessible to any vehicle so she had to be evacuated initially on foot and by weight by members of the police force. Once stabilized on the ground and from a point already practicable by helicopter, it was evacuated by air.

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Another of the services, consisted of the rescue of a couple who were hiking in an area in the border area of ​​the provinces of Salamanca and Avila. The strays were accompanied by their pet; a medium-sized dog. The intervention was carried out in the face of the impossibility of the couple being able to return to their vehicle before the arrival of the fog and the night.

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