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Angelique Boyer: this is what happened when he met the ‘boy’ who was bullying him at school Television | Soap operas nnda-nnlt | Check

Angelique Boyer, Remembered for her participation in the soap opera “Teresa”, is one of the most successful artists in Mexico. However, in her childhood there were those who did not believe in her and even made fun of her biggest dream: to be an actress.

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The Mexican actress of French origin told the cameras of the program ‘Avui’ that when he was in high school he had a classmate who bullied him just because she showed her desires to be an actress.

According to the artist, this boy told her that he would never get out on TV, it is more than clear that he was wrong, but the most amazing thing is that he now works in the same company as her.

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The protagonist of “Overcoming the Past” confessed that she had the opportunity to meet this person in the least expected place, Televisa.

“I have a high school classmate who now works here at Televisa and he bullied me, his name is Arseño, he works in forum 3, in lighting”, Revealed the renowned actress.

“‘Arseño, I’m going to complain to you about so many things you did to me’, but he was one of the guys who said to me ‘oh yes, girl Televisa, you’re never going to fulfill your dreams’, and I said’ I have to fulfill them , I have to get it, “and now I find it in the company who had to say it?”, Boyer declared with a laugh.


Angelique Monique Paulette Boyer Rousseau, artistically known as Angelique Boyer, is a French actress, 33-year-old Mexican national. One of his first appearances was in “Hearts on the edge” (2004). From there he had supporting roles in “Rebel”, “Little girls with you”, “Iron Soul”, “Murderous Women” i “Wild Heart”.

In 2010 he got his first starring role playing Teresa Chávez Aguirre in the soap opera “Teresa”. He later appeared in soap operas “Abyss of Passion”, “What life stole from me” i “Three times Ana”.

Among his latest works he has done we can find “Love death”, “Empire of Lies” i “Overcoming the past”.


Angelique Boyer and Sebastià Rulli have been in a relationship for seven years and are currently one of the most stable couples in the world of international entertainment. But how did they meet?

The Mexican actress of French origin and the Argentine actor they met when they starred in “Teresa” in 2010 and then they worked together on “What Life Stole from Me” in 2013. At the time, Angelique Boyer and Sebastián Rulli were just good co-workers and got along very well.

When they formalized their relationship there were multiple rumors that their love arose when they participated in “Teresa”. However, when they recorded the popular soap opera more than 10 years ago, both Angelique and Sebastian had other partners and it was only four years later that they decided to give themselves a chance at love.

The actress has revealed in multiple interviews that she was on the set of “What Life Stole from Me” (2013) and after he supported her during the death of her mother, she finally realized she was in love. of Rulli.

“Here he was conquering me because I could really count on him and there was no pressure, things were happening (…) Then (from a play) I went to France and here I started to miss him, here I said ‘I think I fell in love.’ We talked on Facetime for hours, how much he came back from his trip and I from mine because we couldn’t resist anymore and something happened we were waiting “, Said Boyer for the Aurora Valley Confessions program.

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