Saturday , March 6 2021

"Aquaman" is already preparing to return to the big screen

After the billionaire, which is still collecting in various parts of the world, "Aquaman", James Wan and Warner Bros Pictures are anxious to begin preparing a sequel to the DC Comics movie.

According to the newspaper Salta, the IntraA new report from Deadline is trying to persuade Wan to return to the chair of the director. A spokesman for Wan said that they are taking a break after the tiring production and promotion tour of Aquaman, And not to make a deal to sign the sequel until they find a guinean in conditions to be carried out.

While fans and study executives like to see "Aquaman 2" in theaters sooner rather than later, patience is probably the best approach in this situation. After all, it's good to know that the sequel is under development and that Wan is likely to be part of the franchise after the most successful premiere in the history of DC.

Wan was previously optimistic in returning for a sequel immediately, according to a previous interview with The filmmaker expressed his desire to face new challenges after having presented his candidacy and having started his own franchises established as "The Game of Fear", "The Night of the Demon", "The Conjur "i" rap i Furiós ".

"I want to do a superhero movie, and Aquaman literally had everything I was interested in. And now, I'm in this kind of place, as if I came back and made a smaller movie like the next, one thing It's a bit harder. Or if I can do a personal movie, but it may be on a larger scale. I'm not sure at this time, "the filmmaker said, suggesting that he wants to set aside the superhero cinema for at least a while.

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