Tuesday , July 5 2022

Beaten 5 pinchos of the band of Carlos Capa & # 39;


In Les Valls del Tuy, State Miranda, 5 criminals were killed, including the "Carlos Capa" band.

They faced officials of the Special Actions Forces (Faes), on Monday, July 8.

The police version indicates that "Carlos Capa" has its operations center in San Francisco de Yare.

With nicknames the criminals were identified: "El Mol", second at the helm of the hamponil organization; "The Circuit", "El Michel", "El Dement" and "El Pigeon".

According to the police, they launched a grenade against the police commissions. The uniformed ones confiscated two guns and two shotguns.

Last July, the national leader of Cicpc, General Commissioner Douglas Rico, pointed out that the police forces of the country are then Deiber Johan González, called "Carlos Capa", one of the most sought after in the Valls del Tuy and for those who weigh several police records and requirements for crimes of homicide, extortion, kidnapping, drug trade, firearms concealment and authority resistance.

He added that "Carlos Capa" is also sought after by the murder of a man and, which he exposed, was recorded and circulated on social networks.

"In matters of security, we must add efforts to end all those criminal mafias that seek to keep the inhabitants of the Yare sector, Simón Bolívar municipality of the Miranda state," wrote the police chief.

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