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Bobby Larios and Niurka Marcos’ daughter reunite and he doesn’t recognize her


It has been many years since the relationship between Niurka Marcos i Bobby Larios exploded like a bomb giving way to one of the most notorious divorces of his time.

The relationship left no children, but special moments between the Cuban star and Larios, who for a long time had the opportunity to live with Niurka’s three children: Romina Marc, Federico Izcóatl Ávila i Emilio Osorio.

The amazing thing is that Bobby Larios and the young woman have crossed paths again thanks to the ‘ reality Mexican Inseparable, love to the limit (Channel 5) and that Larios did not recognize her when she met again.

“I felt like you didn’t even recognize me so I approached,” Romina said in a clip of the show where she appears surrounded by the other couples involved in the show.

“Yes, I didn’t recognize you,” he agreed. “After seeing her as a kid I see her now as a womanizer. I said, ‘wow!’ It gave me a lot of excitement.”

Bobby Larios and Niurka Marcos formed at the time one of the most explosive and controversial couples of their time. Her divorce ended in 2007:

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Rodrigo Varela / WireImage

For years Bobby Larios has been married to Evelyn Umpierrez, a beautiful blonde of Uruguayan origin but raised in Venezuela, as she has said in their networks:

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“We all know here that we are not our past, nor are you yours, nor am I mine from when I was little,” the girl expressed, excited and exciting to her classmates.

“We all have a history, we know many and we can’t come thinking they are the same, we are constantly changing, evolving. I’m open to meeting this new Bobby with this wonderful woman and each and every one of you,” he said. express Romina.

“I can’t judge anyone 16 years after what happened, because besides, I don’t even remember,” Niurka’s daughter stated in closing.

Niurka Marcos and Bobby Larios separated in 2006. In May of 2007 their marriage was legally dissolved.


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