Saturday , August 20 2022

"Cancer is part of our natural essence"


Why do we get sick? Carlos López-Otín, Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Oviedo, explains why "we must assume that the disease will accompany us."

"The most amazing thing about life is that everything works, that we do not have to think every morning whether a biochemical reaction or another is needed. Once our vulnerability is assumed, the truly incredible thing is that we are not sick or not We live only a few hours like dragonflies, but we get to 80 or even 100 years. "

This is what defends it Carlos López-Otín, Professor of Biochemistry at the University of OviedoOne of the most important international and academic Spanish researchers of the European Academy and the Royal Academy of Sciences of Spain, work, among other achievements, has allowed the discovery of more than 60 new human genes, decoding the genomes of hundreds of patients with cancer or other diseases, thus such as the discovery of new genes that cause accelerated aging, sudden death or hereditary cancer.

This Spanish researcher has awarded Infosalus an interview with the publication of his new book, & # 39; La vida en cuatro letras & # 39; (Paidós), a manual that explains among other things that I have been ill because there were two billion years ago when I had to make the decision to move from being a unicellular organism to multicellular "He left some mistakes or resolutions."

"During the course of our evolution we had to take risks to become complex organisms, because our mechanisms of copying of damages are incomplete, or that there are harmful cells that should commit suicide for the common good but they do not do it, and that in the face of this, life chose to move forward, for example, and when these defects occur the diseases arise ", He explains. Here he rejects the armation of some scientists and thinkers who argue that by 2045 we will be immortal beings. "It's getting away from the real world. How many people will have neurodegenerative diseases, about 100 million, and no cure? In 25 years they're going to heal? It's impossible." argues López-Otín.

Likewise, Do you put the case of cancer, who does not know someone who has cancer? The Spanish scientist defends that, although it has improved a lot today against this pathology, there are still tumors that are not healed. "It is necessary to assume that the disease will accompany us. This can not be eradicated, yes. Cancer is part of our natural essence. All multicellular organisms have it, including plants, dinosaurs had tumors. that we live more, we will have more tumors ", Underline.

And how to deal with these diseases today incurable? López-Otín aims at the development of articial intelligence and trying to improve our potentials, progressing in the field of home-machine hybrids.

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