Thursday , August 11 2022

Cathy Fulop went to Miami to meet her mother after two years without seeing her



The last time actress Catherine Fulop saw her mother in 2016, when a woman traveled from Venezuela to unite with her daughter. There, she realized that she would not have the whole family because of the difficulty that the country was going through, and the grief caused her to get sick and lose weight.

This time, Cathy, who was alone, took advantage of the fact that her mother traveled to Miami to see her other daughter and followed her. The actress, married to Oswald Sabatini, gave a great surprise to her mother and decided to go to herself to enjoy her and her sister.

"It was very strong and I felt great joy, thanking my life for having had the opportunity to see it," Cathy notes, adding, "I would like to take her to Argentina, but when parents are adults they already have their own customs, they keep their things and for her it would be very difficult not to live in Venezuela, outside the whole situation, many great people left at the suggestion of their children, but my mother still hesitates to take this step because she is very big and I do not think she will be encouraged. "

"He said no, it's been a long time and he's in some age-related pains, but he does not want to leave his place, but I understand, I would also like to return to Argentina and I could not take another step forward," he said is Fulop. which is always critical of Venezuelan politics.

In the United States, Fulop's mother traveled with her nephew, whom the actress did not see for six years, when Cathy was the last time in Venezuela. "It's an emotional tear coming in the eyes, it's been many years," he explained.

Catherine enjoyed her mother, sister and niece. Oriana and Tisiana, on the other hand, could not travel.

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