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Collectives did not attend the call of the Chavez leaders to defend them


April 30, 2019 05:25 PM
Updated April 30, 2019 17:33

More than 80% of the country has been the scene of demonstrations in response to Joan Guaidó's call to begin Operation Freedom. In contrast, the so-called who did since early morning leaders of Chavism as Diosdado Cabell was not heard, and this is proving that the only concentration of sympathizers of the regime occurred at The neighborhoods of Miraflores and dissipated before noon.

Until 4:00 p.m., they had counted 114 protests across Venezuela, according to a work done by the National team. All these manifestations occurred after Joan Guaidó and Leopoldo López appeared on the Carlota air base in the first hours of Tuesday.

Cities like Maracaibo, Punt Fix, Mérida, in the West; Guarenas i Guatire, the metropolitan area (especially the Mirandinian municipalities), Valencia and Maracay in the center; and Maturín, Porlamar, Port La Cruz in the East still at this time remain focused on demonstrations.

And the collectives?

The demonstrations on April 30 have also had another differentiating sign, and the repression has been less harsh than on other occasions. For 4:00 pm, just 30% of the protests (42 out of 114) were attacked by the security forces of the regime. This percentage decreased considerably from 12 noon, when it reached a peak of 50%.

On March 11, Nicolás Maduro made a public call to the groups to defend the revolution, in an allegation that caused stupor both inside and outside of Venezuela. However, El Nacional confirmed the participation of only two of these paramilitary groups in the day of today's Tuesday.

The violent groups made their appearance this morning at the demonstration in Altamira, in the east of Caracas. They also tried to terrorize a group of citizens who expressed in Barquisimeto, Lara state. These two paramilitary actions could be added to the incident that occurred also in the Chacao municipality, where armed men entrained themselves at the Ministry of Transport headquarters, where they were cornered by municipal policemen and the # 39; state miranda

The repressive group of the regime that has most had a presence on the streets has been the Special Actions Force, which has been pledged in 11 points, according to information confirmed by the team of # 39; research They have also reported effective actions of the National Guard in several areas, but in a smaller amount than the FAES. The Bolivarian National Police has acted a single blow.

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