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Criptomillonario of 20 years: "If you are not a billionaire in 10 years, it is your fault"

The American Erik Finman is one of the youngest millionaires who made fortune thanks to the digital currency. It all started in 2011, when Finman was 12 years old and his grandmother gave him 1,000 dollars. Instead of spending on toys or video games, he started investing in bitcoins. At that time, the price per unit was approximately $ 12.

Two years later, his investment It had been converted into $ 100,000.

At the age of 15, he invested this money in an online school called Botangle. Later, he launched a "crowdfunding" campaign & # 39; to raise funds for the production of Marvel compatible virtual reality helmets with Android phones. Now, at age 20, he has about 450 bitcoins, which they have an approximate value of 3.6 million dollars (At current prices).

Change of opinion

Despite being fortunate thanks to Bitcoin, Finman's opinion on the future prospects of digital currency has changed over time.

Thus, in January of 2018, when Bitcoin began to lose value, he said in an interview: "The biggest mistake they can make now is to abandon the market and sell their bitcoins only for a mishap. It is important to know, especially when It invests a lot of money, that prices fluctuate drastically. "

However, in December of that year, the young cryptomillonary predicted that the virtual currency no longer had a future. "The Bitcoin is deadIt's too fragmented, there are many internal struggles, so I do not think it's going to last, "he said.

Now, in the context of a new rise in the value of Bitcoin, Finman seems to have changed again. In an interview with MarketWatch, he said this week that this digital currency and its analogues "could be a true lottery ticket" for those who dare "stand or invest directly in the active for at least the next decade ".

"I think you could be a millionaire Investing in Blockchain and Bitcoin"He affirmed the young man in the middle, to add later:" I will double that and say that if you are not a billionaire in the next 10 years, it will be for your fault. "

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