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the dollar price in Venezuela it was above the 4 digital bolivars, in the midst of Joan Guaidó’s call for democratic countries to unite and defend themselves against totalitarianism.

At the opening, the exchange rate was trading at 4.16 bolivars per dollar in the parallel or informal market, according to data from the platform DollarToday.

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Opposition leader Juan Guaidó on Thursday called on the “democracies” of the world to unite to defend the “dignity” of citizens in nations with totalitarian regimes, among which – in his opinion – is Venezuela.

The world today can do so much more. We must be grateful for what each of the world’s powerful democracies is doing today, such as specialized sanctions to hold human rights violators accountable. But we can do so much more“, Said Guaidó during his speech at the World Summit of Defenders of Democracy, organized by the Alliance of Democracies foundation.

The online meeting was also attended by leaders and activists, Natha Law, from Hong Kong; Lina Zedriga Waru Abuku, from Uganda; Veronica Tsepkalo, for Belarus; Sassa, for Burma; Javier Larrondo and Zaqueu Báez, for Cuba, and Rosalia Miller, for Nicaragua.

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In their speeches, attendees – some from the underground – agreed on the need to generate joint actions to “confront the totalitarianisms” that “articulate among themselves” to “cleanse” their guilt.

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