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Guaidó does not dismiss the threats and persecution of Saab

January 30, 2019 01:15

The president of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, who was sworn in as President-in-Charge last week, was not taken by surprise the action that the prosecutor appointed by the constituent assembly announced, Tarek William Saab, against him. However, he said he did not dismiss threats and persecution.

"I am not dismissing a threat of imprisonment and I do not want it to be taken like this on our part, but very responsibly I say that there is nothing new in the sun, unfortunately. It is a regime that does not give The response to Venezuelans, the only response is persecution, repression, "said Guaidó when asked about Saab's request, according to Efe.

"More than a new threat to my person, it is in this Parliament, in the Presidency in charge of the Republic, there is nothing new. I insist, I do not deny the threats, the persecution at this time, but we are here, we continue to exert competencies, "he added.

More than once, Guaidó sent a message to the workers of the Supreme Court on his Twitter account: "Those who are today at the TSJ: the regime is in its final stage. This is unattainable and you have not to sacrifice with the usurper and his band! Think about yourself, in your career, in the future of your children and grandchildren, who are also ours. The story will be recognized. "

Donald Trump, National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has reiterated that any attempt to damage Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó will lead to serious consequences. "Let me reiterate: there will be serious consequences for those who try to subvert democracy and harm Guaidó," Bolton tweeted.

The Bolton warning occurred after the Attorney General requested a precautionary measure against Guaidó at the TSJ.

Preliminary investigation. Tarek William Saab called on the Supreme Court to dictate a ban on leaving the country, alienating or taxing goods and freezing Guaidó's accounts, AFP reported. "We request cautionary measures to be decided".

He informed that his office will open a preliminary investigation against Guaidó because he has assumed powers of the Executive Branch, which he considers a violation of the Constitution. The investigation was sought by the president of the highest court, Maikel Moreno, last week in the opening act of the judicial year.

Saab said that the decision was due to the fact that "there is a citizen who has practically led an action to the detriment of the Venezuelan homeland that caused even foreign countries to request in Venezuela extremely serious measures that alter the # 39 ; constitutional order, among them, the insulation of accounts ".

Saab felt that this situation "has been affecting for a number of years, a product of a totally alien nature, the Venezuelan legality".

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