Sunday , May 22 2022

How much we know about Mars


In 2019, it will be 50 years since the arrival of a man on the Moon. The same same year ago, half a century ago with spelling mistakes, that a man does not surprise with some important journey into space. The space seems to have stopped importing. Or the forces that are ready to travel unknown, have no interest or money to start what will be the next stage in the galactic race to know what we know so little, for the simple reason that man did not try to meet him. And Mars, for whom? Mars is there, waiting. From what? Of the funds, it's not a trip around the corner. They should plan for years and can fulfill it. NASA no longer has a multi-layer federal budget in the 1960s, when the goal of achieving the Moon was achieved before any other country.

NASA has no interest in returning to the Moon – for what? – and there are still no concrete plans to make a trip to Mars, as there are insufficient financial resources to accelerate research to find reliable technology capable of guaranteeing a successful path Donald Trump promised that he would work better with his predecessor, but for now nothing . Silver does not appear anywhere, even though NASA is an incredible laboratory of technological innovations that, apart from sending man into space, managed to invent infinite technological devices, and some of them massive use, made great efforts – all this in silence and secret – continue to advance in technology and maintain an absolute front in space issues.

Speaking days with an American scientist who knows progress in this area, he said something that left me speechless: "We are much more willing to make the first visit to Mars on the road than people think. Significant progress has been made at the technological level, so no one should be surprised if one day is reported to go to Mars. "" But, when? "I do not think it will be the next day," I said, to which respondent replied: "Do not reject anything. A community dedicated to space issues is a dream fill out "

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