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How to hide your IP address when sending an email

How to hide the IP when sending an email

When we send one e-mail our IP address may be visible. This could give information to another person. We can say that our IP is attached to this email, next to the text of the message or the files we send.

One of the data that may be available to third parties when browsing the web is precisely the IP address. It not only happens when sending an email, but also when entering a web page or making use of one of the many services available on the net. We could easily expose our direction and this, at some point, could be a problem for our safety.

How to hide the IP when we are going to send an email? Luckily we have different tools and methods that we can use for this purpose. Not only to send an email, but also to hide our real address from third parties. Let’s see what are some of the most interesting options we have.

Use a VPN

One of the most interesting options we have to hide the IP address when sending an email is to use one VPN. This type of service is widespread on the net. It is used by many users on both desktops and mobile devices. They allow us to encrypt the connection when we enter free Wi-Fi networks, to be able to access services restricted to a certain country and also to hide the IP address.

This way we can send an email without having to make public our real IP address. The address corresponding to the VPN service we are using on our computer appears. Please note that there are both free and paid options. Our advice is to always use a program that is guaranteed, that offers security and does not become a problem for our security.

It should also be noted that one VPN service allows us to modify the location. It’s basically like we’re somewhere else. This is because most VPN programs have different servers to which we can connect, each in a different country.

Use a proxy server

An alternative is to make use of one proxy. Sometimes users can confuse it with a VPN, as we can say that the goal in many cases is the same. It also allows us to hide the IP address and modify the actual location.

Again we find a number of very wide options. We can use both free and paid intermediary services. We must also choose correctly what best suits our needs so as not to expose our safety at any time. We may also send an email without disclosing our real IP address.

Proxy via Tor

Use Tor as your browser

A third option is to use Tor. In this case it also hides our IP address, although it does so through multiple interconnected servers. The Tor browser provides privacy and security. It is one of the many alternatives we have at our disposal and is also available for different operating systems.

the browser it is certainly a key piece to surfing the net. We have many options, although keep in mind that not all of them will treat our data equally. Simply browsing the web can cause problems that put our security and privacy at risk. That is why the Tor browser can help us in this regard.

All in all, these are some options we can use to send an email privately, without exposing our real IP address.

Create a disposable email for more privacy

If we want to achieve maximum privacy when sending an email, a very interesting option that we can consider is to create a disposable account. There are many options on the net that allow us to carry out this task.

The main purpose of an account of e-mail a single use is to allow users to send or receive emails without having to use the real, personal account. They usually have an expiration time and from that moment they cease to exist.

They are very interesting to register on a website and then avoid receiving spam emails. We can also use it, combined with some of the methods we explained above, to send a completely anonymous email without showing our IP address or real name.

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