Tuesday , October 19 2021

IPhone ES for $ 250, does Android have something to fear about the Apple strategy?


What's happening to Apple? It cuts its sales forecast by 10% and sank in the stock market

Apple has always been characterized by being a company that cares much about its smartphones, which are aimed at the high-end segment, and for this reason their prices are the same as those of the other high-end terminals. Not having low or medium range has been one of the hallmarks that have given Apple this characteristic image of exclusivity

However, Apple has a couple of years trying to become more attractive in the face of users looking for terminals in a price range of less than 800 euros, not through the launch of terminals of the mid-range, but through the sale of terminals of past years.

Now, the company has once again marketed a small stock market in the United States iPhone SE, which has been exhausted in a matter of minutes, and that leads us to think, should Android makers have something to fear about this Apple strategy?

iPhone July price

The old iPhone at a price of demolition, a problem for Android?

Although it is a surprising data given the current situation of Apple, during 2018, the number of users who passed an Android phone to an iPhone increased compared to what we have lived in the previous years, because, in the words of Mike Levin, co-founder and partner of CIRP

"According to price and features, we can deduce that Apple positioned the iPhone XR to attract potential users of Android operating systems that were considering buying a new phone"

As we have read in MacRumors, the apple company decided launch your 2016 SE iPhone for sale for only € 249, And the funny thing is that, although it has the same hardware as the iPhone 6S, and an extremely tiny body -the size of the iPhone 5S-, it ran out in minutes.

We are at a time when even Apple is betting on large screens and occupy most of the front, but the added value of the software and the durability that accompanies Apple terminals seems to be many convicts users of betting for a terminal with 3 years Age for the price at which they could buy a very decent mid-range Android.

And, of course, Android manufacturers should consider why so many people prefer to buy an older iPhone instead of a current Android mid-range. It is true that for years the mid-range had the stigma of being inadequate in virtually all levels, but the story has now changed a lot, and for a price similar to these 250 euros, or even lower, we can Buy terminals like the Xiaomi MI A2, which meets every aspect that most people expect from a smartphone.

However, iPhone ES, just like the iPhone in this speed test by Stefano Giove, offers a similar speed -and sometimes more- to the mid-range, and the latency with which it moves causes us to be another totally different impression while using the terminal.

This, coupled with other factors, makes many users, despite the design with frames and the small dimensions of the screen They prefer to acquire an old apple terminal before a current Android mid range, And more if Apple puts them at the price of demolition.

And, perhaps, this should make Android manufacturers begin to worry, because in a few years, the iPhone X and iPhone XS will be the "old iPhone," and the Android mid-high range of 500 euros will have to be prepared for make them face

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