Monday , December 6 2021

Linux Mint 20.2 is now available, upgrade


One of the most beloved, easy-to-use and extended GNU / Linux distributions is Linux Mint. This popular DEB package-based project is now in its Linux Mint 20.2 version. A release that comes loaded with improvements and some interesting news that you can enjoy now.

Also, whether you choose Linux Mint with a Cinnamon desktop environment, as well as the version with MAT or the Xfce lightweight desktop, you should know that you can upgrade from versions 20 and 20.1. And not only is it recommended for new features, it is also positive because it is an LTS versionThat is, with long-term support. It will remain updated until 2025 as it is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

As for what’s new in Linux Mint 20.2, the updates to the packages themselves included in this distribution are pre-installed, so you can enjoy the latest, as well as some bug fixes. They have also used it the core 5.4.

And the list of news does not end here. One of the additions is also aimed at improving the update flow in Cinnamon, Since the update manager will now also update the “species” of the desktop environment, i.e. applets, desklets, themes, and extensions. This will make the life of the administrator or user easier, as it will be less tedious and annoying for users when it comes to customizing the environment and staying up to date.

Another novelty is that your update application will now also handle packages Universal type flatpak. A step forward that its users will also like. But there is more, much more …:

  • New Bulky app, which uses bulk file renaming.
  • Sticky Notes replaces GNote as the default note-taking application.
  • The Warpinator file transfer application is now compatible with mobile devices.
  • The image viewer now supports .svgz images, and its slide show mode can be paused / resumed with the space bar.
  • In PDF documents, annotations now appear below the text and the document can be scrolled down with the space bar.
  • The text editor features new highlighting options for a variety of whitespace.
  • The NVIDIA Prime subroutine was added that allows you to easily change the GPU.
  • The Nemo file manager has an enhanced search function.
  • Cinnamon 5 should work better, with more optimal memory usage.
  • etc.
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