Monday , March 8 2021

Losses millionaire for retirement of Barquisimeto

Mayor Reyes Flores stated that at least 57 companies had made investments

CARACAS.- The retirement of the city of Barquisimeto as headquarters of the 2019 Caribbean Series, by the Confederation of Professional Baseball of the Caribbean (CBPC), caused millions of losses to not less than 57 local, national and international companies.

This was stated at the press conference, the mayor of this city, Luis Jonás Reis Flors, on the international baseball event, to be held in the twilight city, from February 2 to 8, This year, and that was changed to Panama, for political reasons.

"57 companies had made investments for the Caribbean Series," said Reis Flors, who added that removing the capital of the event, "it affects the country, the people (larense) that was waiting for the # event for the first time in history (with his team, Cardinals of Lara as the Venezuelan ball champion). Trick for reflection in these national sectors "that promoted the failure of the event in Venezuela.

He questioned that it is the second time consecutively that the Caribbean Series breaks down to Barquisimeto. "Last year and this year for political reasons, they have left us without a Caribbean Series," said Mayor Reyes Flores.

3.6 million euros

The mayor has defined that prior to the withdrawal of Barquisimeto as the venue for the tournament, the president of the CBPC, Juan Francisco Puello Herrera, had ratified the Venezuelan city as the venue for the championship. He said "more than 3.6 million euros were approved for investments in all areas of the Caribbean Series." He said that the city was ready in all its aspects, including security, to receive the classic Caribbean.

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