Saturday , October 16 2021

Machado uncovers another “rotten pot” and explains it all in a monologue farandula 123

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Alicia Machado, who has made scandal a constant in her controversial life, threatens to tell “everything, todito” in a monologue which for the title is already to imagine what will be released on stage. The most important events he has starred in, his chains of falling in love, clashes with many of his colleagues and a long list of those events that have put him in the “eye of the hurricane” are part of the story. which is set to explain “no hairs on the tongue.”

This is the play “I’m not crazy, I’m bipolar”, written by the Venezuelan Juan Carlos Duque and produced by Daniel Ferrer Cubillán, with which the former Universe will tour many cities in the United States and much of South America. The tour will begin in early December and run until mid-year.

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“There has been so much talk about my life, that now is the time to be the one to confess the whole truth: #NoSoyLocaSoyBipolar,” wrote the singer and actress on her Instagram account.

“The only thing I promise them is that we will laugh, have fun, confess and drain as they have seen me do for so long,” said Machado, who selected the song “Ovaries” as a curtain. Meanwhile, the former queen continues to provoke her fellow reality show “La casa dels famosos” broadcast by Telemundo and in which he had a tremendous time with Gaby Spanic and the Mexican Celia Lora, who even threatened to slap.

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