Monday , September 26 2022

Microsoft has launched a development kit for integrating Azure services into Ethereum | CriptoNevs


Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform, announces that version 1.0 of the development package for the integration of Microsoft's cloud computing and third-party software as a service (SaaS) into the Ethereum network is now available.

The information was published on November 15 on the company's website by the Director of the Blockchain Main Engineering Program, Marc Mercuri, who pointed out that this version highlights the development of three key issues: interfacing interfaces, integrating data and systems, and deploying smart contracts and logical application connectors for Ethereum.

Mercuri adds that the kit, called the "Azure Blockchain Development Kit", has improved the capabilities of Microsoft's Azure Blockchain Vorkbench framework. It features features such as identity management and offline data handling, as well as an interface for programming messaging applications in a format that will allow companies to create their own decentralized applications (dApps) based on the block chain.

The kit includes voice and SMS interfaces, integration of Internet stuff, support for mobile clients, bots and virtual assistants.

Too represents white paper named DevOps for Blockchain Smart Contracts (DevOps for Blockchain and Intelligent Contracts), which explains how to use a development kit for block-based applications in specific business environments. This document follows the implementation guide and shows how to implement continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI / CD) for smart contracts.

In that sense, Mercuri says the idea is to launch a large platform for the development of blockchain applications.

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