Wednesday , October 5 2022

Navegantes lost a series of 5 games, defeating Cardinale


Navegantes de Magallanes set up an attack with six moves at the bottom of the seventh inning to defeat Lara Cardinals 9-1 and ended up losing the fifth game in the Venezuelan professional baseball league.

Rider Ascanio linked 2-2 with double, triple and three rounds, while Moises Gomez hit home races with full bases in order to lead the victory of the winner.

Trevor Frank (3: 0) won after dropping the empty goal. Iapson Gomez (0-1) was charged a loss after allowing two races without exclusion in his relief.

In Caracas, Olmo Rosario was given a groundbreaking pitch at the top of the seventh inning to break the tie, and Bravos de Margarita defeated Sharks 4-3 in La Guaira.

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Anthony Ortega (1-1) allowed three hits and two-thirds of an inning for a win, while vice versa went to the record of the Scottish Schumacher (0-1) after he gave up the race in one episode. Imeldo Diaz shook the triumphant Homer who singled out for the offensive of the winner.

In Maracao, Aguilas del Zulia came four times on a plate in the eighth inning to retire to a disadvantage and defeated Tigres de Aragua 5-4.

Edward Olivares dropped 4-3, with double and two eagle races. Liberator Luis Cedeno (1-0) threw himself empty to prove victory, and vice versa went Carlos Viera (0-1), punished with two blows and four races in the third inning.

Lions (14: 9) led a circuit followed by Bravos (14-10), Cardinals (14-11), Eagles (12-10), Mariners (10-12), Tigers (9-12), Sharks (9-10) -9). 13) and Caribbean (9-14).

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