Monday , January 17 2022

Nets are willing to negotiate at Kyrie Irving for James Harden


the Brooklyn Networks are willing to switch to any of their players including a Kyrie Irving for an exchange for James Harden a la NBA.

After Harden reiterated that he did not want to play for the Rockets, the Rockets Nets they said they would not give Kevin Durant for any other player in the NBA, But the rest of the team if available for change when it comes to James Harden.

Obviously cradles say “except Kevin Durant” are making it clear that Kyrie Irving if available due to the fact that lso relations Nets with the player they do not go well, after this one disappeared without saying anything and later it was seen in a party.

Here is the report:

A few weeks ago, the Rockets said there were no negotiations with the Rockets Nets until they included one of their two star players, who they are Kevin Durant i Kyrie Irving.

From Nets they acquired a Kyrie Irving, These have only been able to count on the in 53 of the last 80 matches.

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