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No taboos! Ricky Martin's husband publishes photo of his childhood dressed as a girl


They are not too open the privacy of your private lifeAnd when they do it with good reasons. Ricky Martin and her husband, the Syrian artist Jwan Yosef, are quite reserved for publishing issues of their day to day social networks. However, Ricky used this path for Transmit transcendental situations of his lifeFrom the first time he declared his sexual election until the arrival of his third child, last December.

Now it was Jwan, 35, who decided to share in the eyes of the world a photo of one of the most precious treasures that a person can have, The memories of his childhood. The young and famous painter published a retro image of when he was a child. You see it with tacos, high stockings and a nice dress. "I was in my Element. I thought I dressed better than her. The year is 1988, "he wrote. The scene seems to show that the artist's family environment It was not marked by prejudice. Luck for him.

"The man of my dreams"He described Jwan to Ricky, with whom he married a year and a half ago. On December 31, 2018, the couple announced the arrival of Lucía, her first daughter together. As the singer is already the father of Twins Valentino and Matteo, 10 years old, the five form a happy family that, from time to time, reappears on social networks.

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