Monday , January 17 2022

Overwatch introduces a new map for a new event


It may seem that Overwatch is a thing of the past, but the arrival of the second installment and its link to the first of the games in this Blizzard saga, has rekindled interest in him. And given the circumstances, Overwatch introduces a new map for a new event and for users to return to this multiplayer experience that monopolized so much success. Between 12 and 25 January fans of Overwatch will be able to enjoy the Kanezaka Challenge and be eligible for new rewards.

On the official website of Overwatch we find all the information regarding this event that introduces a map for the Deathmatch mode and which is the epicenter of this short-lived event that responds to the name of the Kanezaka Challenge. Obviously, this event will serve to get new cosmetic rewards and can be enjoyed in fast, competitive and arcade ways. until January 25th.

Put yourself to the test in Kanezaka, the new team death map! Until January 25, you can unleash the storm and get rewards (like Hanzo’s Kyōgisha look) for winning games and watching Overwatch on Twitch.

Thanks for this mini event Overwatch, in which you will find a new map, you can get several very interesting cosmetic rewards. You are required to win three games to get one pagoda icon, by winning six games you get the Eōkai Spray i by winning nine games you get rewards with one The epic aspect of Kyōgisha on Hanzo.

Overwatch introduces a new map for a new event 2

The key element of this event is the new map, which is a map for death fighting that Kaplan describes as “A quiet city nestled in the shadow of Hanamura. It contains shops such as a cat cafe, a pottery workshop, and a local bar. The free map for all also contains “contextual narratives” and further points out that “Some Easter Eggs and Some Rewards to Come in Overwatch 2.”

Even new options are added to be able to earn rewards, as thanks to the integration in Twitch, Rewards will be offered to meet certain challenges. Yes, as you can see, there will also be challenges for those who simply follow Blizzard or Twitch broadcasts when they are broadcasting live a game from this event. There will be a variety of options, so it’s a matter of matching these issues to get in and be able to win these rewards.

Overwatch introduces a new map for a new event 3

It certainly looks like a good preview of what’s to come. And we are not insinuating that Overwatch can regain its prominence in the multiplayer scenario, as laying the groundwork for this upcoming BlizzCon in which Overwatch 2 will be one of the protagonists. In fact, it is rumored that during the event, Overwatch 2 could see the light. If true, it will be interesting to assess the opportunity to acquire Overwatch, as it seems that this second game will be more of a kind of great expansion that will benefit these users. What is most expected of this game mode may be the PvE mode, which will introduce missions that will delve into the lore of this universe created by Blizzard for multiplayer action.

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