Monday , May 23 2022

PAHO will support Venezuela's fight against malaria


The international organization will co-operate with the delivery of medicines and supplies to the four main hospitals in the country.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) will support Venezuelan authorities in the fight against malaria, especially in the Bolivarian state.

More specifically, they will seek to strengthen combat and preventive malaria programs, as well as those related to the health of mothers and children.

This was launched after a meeting between members of the State Health Service of the State of Bolivar led by state health authority Franklin Franco and the PAHO Commission and the Ministry of Public Health for Health.

The disease, director of the Epidemiology of the Institute of Public Health of Bolivar (ISP) Cruz Cordero, said that in this area they are considered endemic due to the presence of large jungle areas, lakes, rivers and continuous mobilization of people between cities and mining areas.


In this regard, PAHO representative Ariel Karolinski announced that he would cooperate with the delivery of medicines and supplies to the four main hospitals in the country: Hospitalario Universitario Ruiz and Paez in Ciudad Bolivar, Guaiparo and Uiapar in Ciudad Guaiana and Hospital Gervasio Vera Custodio in Hope.

"We will provide all the necessary support to the state authorities in Bolivar to optimize public health services in this country," he said.

He added that PAHO has delivered 3,000 sets of internet providers to perform fast diagnostic malaria tests, which will mainly be used by pregnant women participating in the National Humanitarian Delivery Program.

The International Organization also delivered mosquito nets and antimalarial drugs, which were sought by entities hospitals.

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