Sunday , August 14 2022

People's Choice 2018 Awards: Awards are presented tonight | PCA & # 39; s | E! Entertainment | Lights | Music


Annually, People's Choice Awards they give the public the power to recognize the most prominent in music and film. The 2018 awards will be held this week in California, and the main characters of the Anglo-Saxon show have already confirmed their presence.

The songs "Black Panther", "This Is Us" series and singers Tailor Svift and Ed Sheran are among the best nominees. The results will be posted on a gala at Baker Hanger from Santa Monica, California, that you can watch live in the story we will do in the minute in this note.

Transfer 2018 PCA will be with E! Fun, which will also broadcast a red carpet with comments by Jason Kennedy and Giuliano Rancic. "Red Carpet" can also be seen from the official Facebook Prize for People.

The award ceremony begins at 9 pm (Peru / Ecuador) and at 23 pm for Argentina and Chile.

Awards People's Choice 2018 has 43 categories, and the winners of each of them have been selected by public vote. There are 13 new categories this year.

This includes the Human Rights icon award, which will be delivered to Melissa McCarthy's comedy; Fashion Icon Award, won by Victoria Beckham; and the People's Champion's Award for Social Justice, for activists Brian Stevenson.

There will be a total of 25 representatives of the 2018 People's Election Prize, including Amber Valletta, Busi Philipps, Camila Mendes, Christina Hendricks, John C. Reilly, Terri Crevs and Vill Ferrell. Here you can see a complete list.

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