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Perfect or real bodies, in any one must prevail health


In recent years many pathologies worsened chronicles that are not contagious, nor inheritable; that they are only product of our habits and the environment in which we live. Not for nothing, specialists today speak of "obesogenic environment"Accordingly, the World Health Organization (WHO) and other world-renowned entities, similarly respected and known, call them non-transmissible chronic diseases and inside them; One of the most serious is obesity.

We should not forget that regardless of its aesthetic implications (how the person sees himself and how he sees it in the environment); Obesity is a situation of serious risk to health for its condition; since it generates a pro-inflammatory state in our body and therefore for its association with other serious pathologies; such as hypertension, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass), metabolic syndrome, infertility, some types of cancer, psychological pathologies ranging from lack of self-esteem to the same depression and its different degrees of severity.

Every time we make worse decisions as a society; a little dragged and confused by the industry and a little by logical and habitual ignorance. To complicate the situation, in the last years they appeared "movements in defense of the image"Promoting the"normality"Given a pathology as serious as obesity.

Supported in the respect Among people echoed worldwide, several groups that promote obesity relating it to the "real body"That, as everything has double messages.

he positive side is that it promotes it respect to your neighbor, And even a act respect. No more praiseworthy than this message because we understand that we should not be tied to one act imposition of bodies promoted by the industry. The so-called "perfect bodies"; Those that fit with the aesthetics promoted by our demanding society.

In search of the supposed perfection we are also promoting nutrition disorders like bulimia and anorexia They are as serious as their sister cousin obesity.

he negative side It's about suggesting that the obese body is synonymous with "real body"; a sort of against match of the perfect bodies; that promote the groups that promote the aesthetics.

The bad thing is that al associate to obesity with "real bodies" Two things happen:

1- In a band, when talking about real It is encouraging, indirectly, to normalize a situation that, far from the aesthetic plan; is not healthy And we can not say that a situation that is linked to so many chronic diseases such as obesity, is normalized in our society. I insist; we have respect it, But no normalize it. We must use all the necessary tools to improve the situation in which our world population is currently found. Not for the person's aesthetics; if not for the impact on your health.

2- On the other hand, by saying that an obese body is real, we are also suggesting that a person who does not have obesity inevitably has an unrealistic body and it is not always the case. You can get a body that does not suffer from one excess fat through healthy habits. That is to say, that person would also have a body very real and healthy.

As a summary; I could again clarify that regardless of the obsession with "real", "perfect" and "aesthetic" signs, this article does not attempt to focus on the aesthetics but on the health problem for our population that represents obesity and in the bad choice of the words we make daily to refer to the aesthetics of our population. It's true that talking about the perfect body is a mistake, but the same thing happens when we talk about real bodies when we refer to obesity. Perhaps, the ideal would be that we all fight for encourage healthy bodies without opening aesthetic cracks between us.

(*) Alejandro Garcia (MN 106,404) is a specialist in sports medicine

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